Is Your Car Misaligned?

Is Your Car Misaligned?

You could be in need of suspension work

Having properly aligned steering and suspension is critical to enjoying a smooth, quiet ride in your vehicle. Over time, your steering and suspension can become misaligned, causing problems with being able to control your vehicle and throw it out of balance. Proper performing suspension is also important for proper crash-avoidance and safety. The professionals at Farr Automotive in Bozeman, MT offer high quality, guaranteed suspension work. All of their work has a 12,000 mile / 12-month warranty!

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Signs you might be in need of suspension repair

It’s a good idea to pay close attention to how your car is handling – if you notice your car’s steering or suspension seems off balance, you should have it checked to avoid major costly repairs. No need to worry, the experts at Farr Automotive in Bozeman, MT are able to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle’s suspension. Below are some other signs that might indicate the need for suspension work:

  1. You notice your car is pulling to one side
  2. You are having problems steering
  3. The quality of your ride has declined
  4. You notice your tires are wearing unevenly
  5. The vehicle continues to bounce after going over a dip or bump

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