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5.0 star rating 6/19/2017
Professional and courteous service. Questions answered. AAA discount.

5.0 star rating 6/19/2017
Know their stuff, treat you right. Gets the job done without extra fuss.

5.0 star rating 6/19/2017
Extremely friendly service, with the ability to pick up customers and shuttle them to the mechanics. My driver happened to be Nolan Farr, the mechanic who actually worked on my car, and I was just blown away by their polite treatment, professionalism, and humanization of their customers. My mechanic as long as I'm in bozeman.

5.0 star rating 6/19/2017
Farr is honest, helpful and charge appropriate rates for appropriate work. I have never had them recommend unnecessary work. They are my mechanic, my kids' mechanic. You can't find better.

5.0 star rating 6/19/2017
I have had major car work done here (full engine replacement) down to just getting new battery cables installed, and every time the staff was very knowledgeable and friendly. Got done what I needed without any extra hassle or charge, and they really seem to care about their customers.

5.0 star rating 5/3/2016
On two separate occasions, 6/25/2013 and 6/18/2014, after traveling from Fort Collins, CO to Bozeman to visit my son at MSU, Farr Automotive went above and beyond diagnosing and repairing my 2004 Denail when it had mechanical issues after arriving in town, even transporting me to and from the college so that I would not miss meetings... They treated me like I was a long lost friend, charged fairly for the repair of my vehicle, and never made me feel like I was being held hostage b/c I was stranded and under extreme stress. As a small business owner myself, I appreciate the integrity of quality work at a fair charge for services rendered, and that is why I can highly recommend them!

5.0 star rating 7/22/2016
Farr Auto is the auto repair we wish we had at home. They were incredibly busy but managed to be engaged and concerned with our plight while visiting Bozeman. They even called us when we got home to insure our return went well. LOVE those guys!

5.0 star rating 11/14/2013
I first went to Farr for a used car evaluation. They did an incredibly thorough evaluation and explained to me every potential issue in detail which led to me choosing a different car. Later they did a free AAA checkup for me on the car I ended up buying and they were very helpful even though they were doing the work for free. If I had a car that needed work in Bozeman I would definitely go to Farr.

5.0 star rating 5/1/2011
Farr Automotive is the only place in Bozeman I would take my Subaru. I brought it in in March after being told by me dealer that the CV boots needed to be replaced. Farr quoted me a cheaper price for the work than the dealer so I brought the car to them. After about an hour I got a call from the shop telling me that the CV boots were fine and no work actually needed to be done on the car. Their mechanic got under the hood with me and showed me the boots personally and I wasn't charged a dime for whatever diagnostic work they did. I've had the car back in their shop since then and I've received only professional, friendly, prompt service.

Also, contrary to their Google Places entry, they do offer rides back to your house after dropping off your vehicle.

5.0 star rating 11/25/2011
My truck broke down Tuesday night before Thanksgiving (of course I was planning to travel on Thanksgiving). So Wednesday I was unable to find a mechanic that could work on my truck within a week. I called a few places, and Farr was the only place that would even look at my truck the same day to let me know how serious the problem was. So I took the trunk in at about 10 am, they promised to take a look when they could.

They called back within an hour and let me know they knew what the problem was, had ordered the part from Billings, the part would arrive by 2pm, and the truck could be fixed by 5. So, the day before Thanksgiving they were able to squeeze me in and get me back on the road in the same day They literally saved Thanksgiving for me.

Some of the best service I've ever received from anyone in any industry.

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